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Music hardware startup Artiphon launches Orbacam app

Startup Artiphon has been on our radar since 2019, when Warner Music Group led a funding round for it. It’s a hardware-focused firm that makes musical instruments, using Kickstarter to launch its Instrument 1 in 2015, then its follow-up Orba in 2019. Orba is a $99 handheld device: part synth, part looper and part MIDI controller.

Now there’s an app for that. It’s called Orbacam and has launched initially for iOS as a way of helping Orba owners create videos to go with their music.

“Orbacam adds musically reactive video effects as you lay down loops with Orba. With Orbacam, you can visually alter the world around you by transforming your musical creations into beautifully augmented visual and auditory video experiences,” as the pitch goes. “The sounds and visual effects are seamlessly combined right into the video export – no audio routing or post-production required. You can even mix in your phone’s microphone to sing or rap over your beat.”

It looks inventive, and a lot of fun.