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Artiphon Orbacam: A visual accompaniment to Orba

After releasing the small form factor, handheld synthesiser and beat maker Orba, Artiphon have just unveiled an iOS app that allows for users to create videos, edit them and add video effects which can be triggered through playing the Orba.

What you need to know:
Artiphon have released Orbacam which is a mobile app that allows you to create video effects when creating music with Orba.
The app allows you to record video and add VFX through playing the handheld Orba instrument which can then be shared.
Orbacam is available now on iOS devices as a free download.
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After noticing that users were uploading videos of themselves playing Orba online, Artiphon have responded with this new app Orbacam. The app expands the instrument into a multimedia studio which linked to the Orba and allows users to enhance videos with multi-layer effects.

The app, which is available now on iOS, allows you to link certain parts of your creation (bass, drums, chords and leads) to a range of video effects that trigger when these elements are played. Videos can be recorded and have effects added live or you can perform to a prerecorded video, adding effects as you go to create a moving and dynamic music video.

While using the app, the microphone on your personal iOS device can be active which allows for vocals or external instruments to be recorded alongside your creation. All videos created in the app can be exported straight out onto any platform of your choosing without having to route audio or edit the video after the fact, allowing you to just play and share.

Check out the video below for an intro to Orbacam.

Check out Orba through their website and for local enquiries, get in touch with Koala Audio.