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Artiphon’s pocket-sized Orba, a synth, looper and MIDI controller, can now be used to create “musical selfies

At launch, we described Orba as “a $99 synthesizer, looper and MIDI controller that fits in the palm of your hand,” and that pretty much sums it up. At least it did, because the company has now added a new, more visual string to the Orba’s bow by releasing the companion Orbacam iOS app.

Sync your Obra to Orbacam and not only can you use the drum, bass, chord and lead modes to make beats, but you can also create videos with visual effects that are triggered by the music. Artiphon says that you’re effectively creating “musical selfies” - you can record video live or import it from your camera roll - which seems like as good a description as any.

The app appears to be designed for those who want to create fun, personalised video content for social media platforms. There’s no audio routing or post production required - the effects are baked into the video export - and you can also mix in your phone mic if you want to add some vocals.

“We believe that music is always a multisensory experience, and we designed Orbacam as an auditory, visual, and tactile experience that anyone can play immediately,” explains Artiphon founder and CEO Mike Butera.

“We’ve seen the power of synchronizing music with social content, but almost all of that is just pasting someone else’s song on your video. Now people can create musical videos that are entirely their own.”

Find out more on the Artiphon website. Orbacam can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and is free, though, obviously, you’ll need an Orba to use it.