Press Clipping
Gen2 Synth Can Play Any Sound

by Mat Dirjish

Expanding on the company’s popular Orba 1 synthesizer, Artiphon claims its Orba 2 can play any sound the user can imagine. Putting real instruments in the palm of a hand, Orba 2 employs a new sound engine that includes audio samples. Users can play instruments like electric guitars and upright pianos and more adventurous sounds like vocals, found sounds, custom artist songs, and more.

Players can also capture or import their own sounds to create unique instruments. Via a press of a button in the Orba App, any sound can become an Orba preset. For example, a bicycle bell, a bird in a tree, or someone singing. Orba 2’s improved ceramic-like playing surface simultaneously reacts to nine musical gestures: tap, press, radiate, tilt, shake, spin, vibrato, move, and bump.

Orba 2 also can record loops up to 128 bars (up to five minutes). Using drum, bass, chord, and lead, users can layer sounds to create complete songs. And a new quantize feature can snap musical phrases to the beat so every moment fits perfectly into the groove.

Ready to start your career as a composer but require deeper details? If so, peruse the Orba 2 overview.

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