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Artiphon unveils second-generation Orba music-making device

Music hardware startup Artiphon has been showing off its Orba 2, the second generation of its music-making gadget.

The spherical gadget is pitched as “an entire studio in the palm of your hand” with the ability to blend electronic synths and samples, as well as recording samples, then looping drum, bass, chord and lead lines in songs up to 128 bars long. The device can also be used as a controller for software including GarageBand, Ableton Live, Logic Pro and Cubase.

While the original Orba debuted as a Kickstarter campaign, the Orba 2 is going on sale through Artiphon’s website and partner retailers, costing $149.99. The first-generation device will remain on sale at $99.99 meanwhile.

Artiphon is backed by Warner Music Group, which led its 2019 funding round of $2m. It also recently launched a companion app called Orbacam, to help Orba owners create videos for the music they make with the device.