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Snapchat launches AR music platform for creators who want to monetize their work

During this year’s Lens Fest, Snap announced the launch of a brand-new AR music platform for artists: Minibeats. The music platform is available in the form of a set of Lenses that lets Snapchat users play their own versions of artist songs paired with funny AR effects.

If you’re a music fan and love using Snapchat, now you have a new way to combine both in your day-to-day life. The new AR music platform is available right away, so to use it, simply open any Minibeats Lens and you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the AR effects available by default:

Decorate yourself with Musical Tattoos as you create your own version of “LOSER,” the hit single from KILLBOY (Atlantic Records).
Become Alice Glass and use AR gestures like waving your hand and opening your mouth to trigger interactive phrases from her new single, "Lips Apart.”
Turn your room into a playable version of Taetro’s beat-making loft, complete with Musical Objects that rattle off parts of his song.
Open your hand and wear a Musical Mask that sings Phil Good’s chorus to “Crying, Dancing”

Apart from that, Minibeats is also a new way for musicians to connect with their fans. The Minibeats Lenses on Snapchat come with so-called “In-lens Purchases,” which marks a premier for the social company.

According to Snap, Minibeats offers artists a 50% share of their revenue from lenses, an interesting approach considering that the industry typically offers sub-5% royalties.

Snap’s new AR music platform will be fully launched after this “teaser version” launches on Snapchat. Currently, the company partnered with several musical artists such as KILLBOY, Alice Glass, Taetro, and Phil Good, but the final version of Minibeats will feature more artists and brands that music fans know and love, so stay tuned for more on the matter.