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Remix Kimbra’s New Single With Orba 2

New stem feature from Artiphon opens new possibilities for interacting with music.

By Audio Technology

14 December 2022

Artiphon has launched a new feature for Orba 2 in collaboration with two-time Grammy Award-winning pop star Kimbra, Annie Shred, and others. Music lovers can now create their own versions of studio recordings using stem-based loops. Orba 2 is the follow-up product to Artiphon’s award-winning synth, looper, and controller. This new interactive stem experience is made possible by the device’s upgraded sample playback engine and app.

New Zealand-based singer, songwriter, and producer, Kimbra is one of the first to release a single in this innovative format. Her song “Replay!” can now be loaded onto an Orba 2 so that anyone can create their own remix in seconds.

With Orba 2, fans will now feel like they are playing along with the artist. They’ll get a glimpse into the artist’s creative process as they make sonic choices that reflect the original vision. “I feel like my fanbase is really going to connect with this because I think they’re real listeners,” Kimbra adds. “I think this is a way I can live out some of my deeper values, of not just being a performer and entertainer, but the craft of songwriting and production.”

Stems are the isolated audio tracks that make up a fully-produced song, such as the drum or the chord parts. The user chooses when and which parts of the song to trigger by tapping and holding pads, creating a magical remix that is completely their own. This experience becomes especially interactive when paired with the built-in gestures such as Tilt and Bump, which add effects and translate the movements from your fingers and hands directly into sound.