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42 Gifts Any Music Lover Will Want

Artiphon Orba Synthesizer
Another great one for a kid, or any on-the-go producer, this is a handheld synth with a built in looper. Eight sensing pads can switch between percussion, bass, chords, and lead. Move it around for different effects, and you can create an entire song in the palm of your hand. Then, link it via bluetooth or USB-C to preferred music making app.

But all you need to know: Give this to a music nerd, and from the jump they'll be toying with it for weeks, nonstop.

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If they're the de facto party DJ, get them a portable bluetooth speaker that will get loud enough for any party, indoors or outdoors.

Crosley Fleetwood
We're done with vinyl. It's time to bring back the Compact Disc. If your music lover is of a certain age, they probably have a box full of old CDs anyway. This Crosley CD player is the perfect reason for them to revisit their nostalgic jams. It's also got AM/FM radio and Bluetooth, so it doesn't have to a gift be for a CD evangelist.