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AR-Fueled Musical Camera Apps

Artiphon is the company behind the Orba synth and MIDI Controller and its latest innovation arrives in the form of the Minibeats app. It is a brand-new augmented-reality app that allows users to transform their bodies using technology as well as facial expressions to match symphonic melodies.

Users are able to smile, frown, dance, and wave their arms in front of the camera and the music will be added to match the movements. The goal of the company is to make music-making something that feels accessible to everyone and the AR technology behind the app uses the Snapchat CameraKit SDK. It is generally intuitive but there are still tutorial videos to help users better navigate.

Image Credit: Minibeats
Trend Themes
1. Ar-powered Musical Apps - Augmented reality technology is disrupting the way people interact with music by allowing them to transform their bodily movements and facial expressions into sound, providing music accessibility for everyone.
2. Facial Expression Detection - New technologies that focus on facial expression detection are emerging, creating opportunities to introduce innovative experiences where users can use subtle expressions to interact with digital environments.
3. AR in Music Education - AR technology is creating exciting possibilities for music educators to teach music creation and production through an engaging experience that enhances the traditional approach.
Industry Implications
1. Music Technology - Companies that develop musical instruments and tools using AR technology can enhance their products to create more personalized and innovative experiences for their customers.
2. Education Technology - The AR technology being used in musical education can inspire the creation of new educational programs and instructional content.
3. Social Media Technology - Snapchat's SDK CameraKit can be leveraged by companies to create more AR-powered experiences within social media apps, opening opportunities for user engagement and entertainment.