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Artiphon is designing new instruments to empower the next billion musicians. Their goal is to enable a world where everyone can be musical, where music is a universal element of our collective creative vocabulary.

INSTRUMENT 1 and Orba, their first two smart instruments, launched with record-setting success on Kickstarter thanks to ...

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Emily Morrone

Orba 2 by Artiphon Arrives: With New “Artist” Sounds To Spark Music Making

Orba 2 by Artiphon Arrives: With New “Artist” Sounds To Spark Music Making

Taetro, Tom Thum, and others create presets as an interactive way for fans to play their sounds and create their own loops.



To celebrate the launch of Orba 2, Artiphon has collaborated with popular YouTuber, producer, and beat maker Taetro and world-renowned beatboxer Tom Thum to release exclusive Orba 2 presets. This is just the start of Artiphon’s collaboration with a diverse and award-winning roster of artists: all excited to bring their music into this fan-playable format and expand the possibilities for music creation and inspiration on Orba.


See Tom Thum take his own sampled sounds for a spin


Tom Thum is one of the most prolific beatboxers of our time. He holds the record for the most-watched Ted Talk, which demonstrates his abilities and has reached 35+ million views on their platform, while he actively shares his vocal range through short-form performances on TikTok. Tom curated a set of his favorite beatbox percussive sounds; his vocal bass stretched and repitched, a rounded vocal tone, and a short blip sound for lead, all for the Orba 2. Tom pushes the boundaries of beatboxing in the same way Artiphon pushes the boundaries of music-making.


Taetro documents what went into making his custom Orba 2 sounds.


At-home producers look to Taetro for musical mentorship, as he shares the best, newest, and coolest gear in the market on his channel. With over 200k subscribers on YouTube, his content includes in-depth tech reviews that enlighten prospective creators who want to take their beat making to the next level. Taetro’s samples include gentle percussion, weighty bass, and handpan and lyre samples. Check out this behind-the-scenes look at Taetro’s new presets.


"With Orba 2, being able to be out, capturing sounds with the app and nearly instantly turning it into an instrument is empowering because, no matter your relationship with music, being able to do fun sampling things like that is huge,” says Taetro. “It can open up worlds for people, and people can interact with it in the same way they would by picking up a pen and doodling on a sketchpad.”


Additional tastemakers will release samples for Orba 2, transforming music making across genres and expanding the versatility of digital music creation. BPM Create is a mainstay for DJs and producers looking to get high-quality music and will release new presets on an on-going basis. Laura Escudé is the world’s first certified Ableton trainer and a music programmer who has toured with Kanye, Ariana Grande, Miguel, and American Idol. French electronic producer Fakear is an artist on CloZee’s record label Odyzey.


Orba 2 is now in stock and available at, Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend, Perfect Circuit, American Musical Supply, zZounds, and many other retailers around the world. View Artiphon’s Where To Buy page for a complete list.


About Artiphon

Artiphon designs smart instruments for the next billion musicians by combining hardware, software, and shareable content that anyone can play. The company’s electronics products, Orba and INSTRUMENT 1, are award-winning handheld smart instruments that let anyone create music wherever they go. Artiphon’s founder/CEO Mike Butera holds a Ph.D. in Sound Studies, and Artiphon’s investors include Warner Music Group, Shure Microphones, and other industry leaders.