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Artiphon is designing new instruments to empower the next billion musicians. Their goal is to enable a world where everyone can be musical, where music is a universal element of our collective creative vocabulary.

INSTRUMENT 1 and Orba, their first two smart instruments, launched with record-setting success on Kickstarter thanks to ...

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Emily Morrone

Minibeats Collaborates With Artists San Holo and LP Giobbi On New AR Music Snapchat Lenses

Transform San Holo’s single “All The Highs” with interactive movements and create a psychedelic world with LP Giobbi’s track “Body Breathe.”


San Holo remixes his song with his Minibeats Lens.


Minibeats launched as a preview on Snapchat last month, bringing forth beautifully-designed AR Music Lenses in collaboration with artists, merging musical co-creation and visual creativity for fans. San Holo and LP Giobbi are now launching their own Lenses with Minibeats, transforming their hit songs into multimedia experiences for social expression and sharing.


"The combination of music and AR has introduced so many unique ways for artists to build a world around their music,” says Julie Nguyen at Jet Management. “The AR lenses that Minibeats have developed with artists like LP Giobbi and San Holo bring their music to life and provide a fun experience for fans to immerse themselves in the music beyond streaming."


Create your own AR world with LP Giobbi’s “Body Breathe”


Merging music with AR visuals and recording capabilities, Minibeats is at the forefront of a new era of social, multimedia creativity. Minibeats Lenses offer users a fun way to play with music  while supporting artists by providing additional exposure and monetization avenues for their music.


San Holo is a powerhouse artist and producer in the electronic space, selling out iconic venues including Red Rocks Amphitheatre and The Shrine. Minibeats channels his lyrics, “all of the highs, all of the lows” directly visualized through interactive AR artwork. His vibrant Lens allows fans to jump to different sections of the track just by moving their head, and even choose when to drop the climax of a song. Try the Lens here.

DJ, producer, pianist, and activist LP Giobbi brings her track “Body Breathe” featuring Monogem to Minibeats, channeling elements from her animated and illustrated music video into AR space. Fans can populate a virtual dancing garden with these animated illustrations, adding music to their scene as they place plants. This animation was done by a woman-led animation studio called OK Motion Club out of Atlanta, Georgia. Try the Lens here.


Minibeats will continue collaborations with artists to bring more Lenses to Snapchat, as well as their soon to be launched AR social music creation app featuring a revolutionary set of interactive musical experiences. 




Minibeats is a spinoff brand of Artiphon – the Nashville-based tech startup known for its award-winning Orba and INSTRUMENT 1 smart musical instruments. Backed by Warner Music Group and other industry leaders, the Minibeats team previously released Scan Band on Snapchat, which became the #1 Lens at the Snap Partner Summit, as well as Orbacam for iOS, the first app that lets you create music directly in videos. Minibeats is currently seeking additional brand, artists, and industry collaborators for future lenses and AR Music apps. Drop us a line at