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Artiphon is designing new instruments to empower the next billion musicians. Their goal is to enable a world where everyone can be musical, where music is a universal element of our collective creative vocabulary.

INSTRUMENT 1 and Orba, their first two smart instruments, launched with record-setting success on Kickstarter thanks to ...

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Emily Morrone

Minibeats Launches on Snapchat To Play Interactive Songs in AR

Minibeats is a new AR Music platform enabling interactive music for social expression. Minibeats is launching first on Snapchat with a set of Lenses that let you play your own versions of artist songs paired with vibrant AR effects. Minibeats gives music lovers a new way to express themselves in radically approachable, highly visualized, and instantly shareable ways. 


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Open any Minibeats Lens, and the world around you transforms into one that perfectly matches the mood of the song:


  • Decorate yourself with Musical Tattoos as you create your own version of “LOSER,” the hit single from KILLBOY (Atlantic Records). 




Minibeats offers a groundbreaking way for fans to connect with their favorite musicians. “I wouldn't be here without my fans, and I love being able to share my world with them,” says Canadian Singer and Minibeats collaborator Alice Glass. “Minibeats is exciting to me because it allows users to interact with my music in a personal way that hasn't been done before." 



Minibeats is launching with four interactive artist songs.


Minibeats Lenses on Snapchat also feature “Lenses with digital goods,” a first for Snap (and social media in general). With artists and labels eager to cut through the noise on existing media platforms, Minibeats enables interactive songs that utilize the latest AR and music tech, such as playable stem tracks. Minibeats goes even further by allocating artists a 50% share of their revenue from lenses, a bold new benchmark in an industry that typically offers sub-5% royalties.


Minibeats will launch their full-fledged AR social music creation app shortly after this teaser version launches on Snapchat, which will feature more artists and brands fans know and love. Minibeats is currently seeking additional brand and industry collaborators for future lenses and AR Music apps. Email to get in touch.




Minibeats is a spinoff company of Artiphon – the Nashville-based tech startup known for its award-winning Orba and INSTRUMENT 1 smart musical instruments. Backed by Warner Music Group and other industry leaders, the Minibeats team previously released Scan Band on Snapchat, which became the #1 Lens at the Snap Partner Summit in 2021, as well as Orbacam for iOS, the first app that lets you create music directly in videos.