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Artiphon is designing new instruments to empower the next billion musicians. Their goal is to enable a world where everyone can be musical, where music is a universal element of our collective creative vocabulary.

INSTRUMENT 1 and Orba, their first two smart instruments, launched with record-setting success on Kickstarter thanks to ...

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Emily Morrone

Orba 2 Now Lets You Remix Artist Songs, Starting with Kimbra’s New Single

Artiphon has launched a new feature for Orba 2 in collaboration with two-time Grammy Award-winning pop star Kimbra and others. Music lovers can now create their own versions of studio recordings using stem-based loops. Orba 2 is the follow-up product to Artiphon’s award-winning synth, looper, and controller. This new interactive stem experience is made possible by the device’s upgraded sample playback engine and app.


New Zealand-based singer, songwriter, and producer, Kimbra is one of the first to release a single in this innovative format. Her song “replay!” can now be loaded onto an Orba 2 so that anyone can create their own remix in seconds.


With Orba 2, fans will now feel like they are playing along with the artist. They’ll get a glimpse into the artist’s creative process as they make sonic choices that reflect the original vision. “I feel like my fan base is really going to connect with this because I think they're real listeners,” adds Kimbra. “I think this is a way I can live out some of my deeper values – of not just being a performer and entertainer – but the craft of songwriting and production.”


Stems are the isolated audio tracks that make up a fully-produced song, such as the drum or the chord parts. The user chooses when and which parts of the song to trigger by tapping and holding pads, creating a magical remix that is completely their own. This experience becomes especially interactive when paired with the built-in gestures such as Tilt and Bump, which add effects and translate the movements from your fingers and hands directly into sound. 


Play these new experiences from Kimbra, Annie Shred, and others in the latest version of the Orba 2 app, where you can load them from the Songs tab. 


About Kimbra

New Zealand-born pop star and two-time Grammy Award-winning tour de force, Kimbra, is readying her fourth studio album, A Reckoning. A Reckoning features singles “Save Me” and “replay!,” which channel heartbreak amidst a global pandemic into a bold new sonic territory. 


About Artiphon

Founded in 2011 and based in Nashville, TN, Artiphon designs smart instruments for the next billion musicians by combining hardware, software, and shareable content that anyone can play. The company’s electronics products, Orba and INSTRUMENT 1, are award-winning handheld smart instruments that let anyone create music wherever they go. Artiphon’s founder/CEO Mike Butera holds a Ph.D. in Sound Studies, and Artiphon’s investors include Warner Music Group, Shure Microphones, and other industry leaders.