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Artiphon is designing new instruments to empower the next billion musicians. Their goal is to enable a world where everyone can be musical, where music is a universal element of our collective creative vocabulary.

INSTRUMENT 1 and Orba, their first two smart instruments, launched with record-setting success on Kickstarter thanks to ...

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Emily Morrone

Artiphon Launches Minibeats: A New AR Music App That Lets You Paint with Music

Powered by Snap AR, this musical camera lets you draw with sound in augmented reality, dance to create music, and even play songs with your face.


Nashville TN, May 9, 2023Minibeats, a new AR music app from Artiphon, has just launched on iOS. Minibeats offers a simple way to create musical selfies, draw with AR instruments, and turn everyday moments into musical memes. Using Camera Kit technology from Snap AR, Minibeats offers a view of what’s possible when the best AR toolkit is applied in an app focused on immediate multimedia creativity. 


The new Minibeats iOS app makes music as simple as waving your hand. Watch the demo video here.


The Minibeats App

With an intuitive interface and zero learning curve, Minibeats allows you to make music in innovative ways using simple gestures. Dance to the beat as Minibeats tracks your movements and mixes the music. Wave your hands to draw across the sky with sparkles, lasers, and ripples. And even play music by smiling and frowning as Minibeats detects your emotions and scores it with a mood that matches the moment.


Features include:


  • AR instruments let you create music by moving your hands and fingers in the real world

  • Simple touchscreen controls that let you draw with sound directly in video

  • Dozens of colorful AR visual effects 

  • Hint videos help you learn how to play each instrument

  • Simple, camera-like UI featuring one-button recording with the world and selfie cam

  • Sharing capabilities – users can save their creations to their Camera Roll and share directly through text, email, and straight to social networks like Snapchat


Camera Kit Integration

Minibeats is powered by Camera Kit, enabling partners to bring Snap AR into their own applications, websites, and physical locations. This integration allows Minibeats to detect face, hand, and body movements and turn them into musical instruments. The platform also powers the app’s colorful, audio-reactive VFX. 


Minibeats is just one of the numerous ways that Artiphon has leveraged Snap’s AR technology. Artiphon has also participated in Snap’s Ghost fellowship program, allowing Artiphon to experiment with emerging Snap AR tech. For example, Artiphon used Snap’s visual search tool Scan in “Scan Band,” a Snapchat Lens allowing users to beat by tapping AR stickers. 


Minibeats Artist and Brand Lenses

The Minibeats app follows a line of artist and brand Lens experiences that Minibeats has launched over the first part of 2023, demonstrating enormous versatility and creative possibilities. For example, with a custom Lens built for LP Giobbi, users can build a version of her new single, “Body Breathe,” with interactive AR objects shaped like mushrooms and flowers. Likewise, San Holo’s Minibeats Lens uses elements of his album artwork and lets users remix his song by bobbing their heads in different directions. 


These artist-focused Lenses have taken off on Snapchat. Collectively, they received over 10M plays in the first two weeks alone, demonstrating Minibeats’ explosive potential. Over 80,000 users have shared the Snaps they’ve created with these interactive songs. One of the primary goals of this launch was to build more exposure for the artists themselves, and that hypothesis is proving true as these artists see real hits on their social and music pages. LP Giobbi’s Lens had a 10% click-through rate, leading to thousands of additional streams on the new single.


San Holo remixes his own song with his Minibeats Lens.


You can download the Minibeats app here and follow Minibeats on social media: Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.


About Artiphon 

Minibeats is a new app from Artiphon – the Nashville-based tech startup known for its award-winning Orba and INSTRUMENT 1 smart musical instruments. Backed by Warner Music Group and other industry leaders, Artiphon previously released Scan Band on Snapchat, as well as Orbacam for iOS, the first app that lets you create music directly in videos. Artiphon is currently seeking additional brand, artists, and industry collaborators for future Minibeats Lenses and AR Music integrations. 


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